-11am - 7pm

AKS Colour Carnival 2018

AKS, the popular events and artist management company presented their first Colour Carnival in 2017. They wowed Dubai last year, and they’re back on Friday 2 March 2018 from 11am until 7pm to wow everyone again. AKS is an award-winning Middle Eastern brand whose objective is to launch a festival like none other, full of colour, food, events, competition, prizes and much more. AKS prides itself on promoting local talent, which makes the AKS Colour Carnival 2018 a wonderful time for local artists, musicians and other talented people to show up and get a chance to wow everyone. 2018’s festival promises to be bigger and better with local and international artists and performers lined up.

The Basis for AKS Colour Carnival

The festival of Holi is celebrated all over India since ancient times. What began as an agricultural festival celebrating the arrival of spring, Holi soon became a colour fest, a time of jubilant celebration infused with colourful energy. AKS colour carnival is based to an extent on Holi. AKS combines the spirit of the Holi festival along with an array of music, festivities, high spirits and food to deliver the Colour Carnival that everyone loves. There’s plenty of colour too! Just as with the Holi in India, AKS colour carnival will shoot out different colours into the sky as part of the fun. Symbolically, the colours represent the way humans throw off the cold yoke of winter to welcome the sun again. Only organic colours will be used throughout in keeping with the vibrant tradition of Holi. The colours are wholesome, silky and wonderful to touch. They are hygienically processed so as not to cause any allergies. Only natural herbs and natural ingredients have been used to retain the natural silkiness and smoothness of the colours.

A Picture of the Carnival

The carnival is going to be a fun, colourful event, with DJs Beatz, Gautam, and Manoj & Carlos bringing out the smoothest beats you’ve heard in a long time. Jive to the DJ music and watch the carnival acts by major circus carnivals. What do you long for? Nostalgia from those long-ago days of visiting the carnival? You’ll have all that and more! How about a live performance by famous ROOH band? Will that suffice? How about Dhol players to set the mood with their deep, thrumming beats that gets everyone up and doing the Bhangra? Rugby Park, Dubai Sports City is going to light up to the stars this March. Mark your calendar, the AKS Colour Carnival is coming to Dubai to take you out of your lives and inject colour, life and excitement into it. The colours will last a long time as will the frenzied music and the high of adrenaline you’ll feel on that day.

Food Ahoy!

What’s any festival without tons of food? The AKS Colour Carnival will be accompanied by a vast variety of food trucks and stalls all over the event ground, where visitors and participants can enjoy everything from Falafel wraps with hummus to Indian Chaat to Italian Pizzas and fun, colourful sandwiches. There’ll be a number of trucks to service the more than 15000 people who are expected to attend, so there’ll be plenty of wonderful treats for everyone all around.

Kids’ Play Areas

AKS Colour Carnival is definitely a family festival so do bring your kids along. There’ll be an area dedicated just for kids with bouncing castles, swings, slides, sliding balls and many more distractions. People can leave their kids behind, to be monitored safely by qualified participants. Have you heard the great news yet? Children under 16 get free entry! So don’t worry yourself about bringing your young children to the AKS Colour Carnival. They’ll fit right in and have just as much fun as you’re likely to have.

VIP Area

AKS Colour Carnival also provides a dedicated VIP Arena for those who want total privacy and customized service. A special HOLI VIP experience has been arranged for VIPs, via a special private entrance, excellent seating and quick service for the comfort of the entire family. So if you’re looking for some exclusivity and some privacy, book one of the VIP areas in advance and you’ll be simply delighted with it.

Game Arena

The Holi festival is all about family, love and celebration. The original Holi festival has plenty of games too. To complete the AKS Colour Carnival experience, there’ll be fun games for everyone such as carnival-themed games, human foosball, and many other inventive and fun games. Do you know of any games you’d like to play? Why not contact AKS now and let them know?


Apart from a vast variety of entertainment, the Holi festival celebrations by AKS will feature fabulous music by well-known musicians and artists. There’ll be a chance also for local talents to get up on stage and show the world what they’ve got. Some international names will also be there, to wow the audience, so be sure to get there in time!

What AKS Colour Carnival Brings To the UAE

Did you know that according to the World Happiness Report of the United Nations, the UAE ranks as the 28th happiest country in the world? The AKS Colour Carnival will do nothing but spread happiness and positivity all over Dubai. The carnival will see more than 15,000 happy faces, which certainly helps increase the UAE’s ‘happy’ quotient.

What Does AKS Say About All This?

According to Bharat Harpalani, owner of AKS, said: “We believe that a happy person is a generous person – what a better way than to celebrate this together with vibrant colours and amazing music that immediately puts a smile on someone’s face. We would like everyone to celebrate and enjoy this lively carnival atmosphere with amazing music, organic colours, food and shopping.”

We’re definitely in agreement with Mr. Harpalani; the festival will bring together people from all walks of life, and infuse a bit of colour into their lives. After a fabulous New Year blast, this is just what was needed by the city – another fabulous blast of colour, sounds and sights, plus food and games and the company of loved ones all around. These are all the things that made AKS Colour Carnival a hit the last year, and these are the things that’ll make the carnival a great hit this year.


The AKS Colour Carnival promises to be the fest of the year, with its colour, music, games, food and other celebrations. Be sure to be a part of it this year!